Anonymous said: Of all the characters you've cosplayed, which one do you relate the most to and why?

Oh my god. This is so mean! Meant in the best way of course, but it’s so hard to choose!

Generally, I tend to pick characters I connect a lot to. Miranda learning to build upon her own autonomy, America’s ridiculous humour (and I think I wanted some of his optimism), Annabeth’s rational processes (and her encyclopediac knowledge of Greek mythology certainly helps). Sure, I’ve picked a few based more on design than a legitimate connection character-wise, but I generally have to be invested in the canon in some way to give me enough drive to bother finishing.

However, at present, I’d probably say (and this is cheating and I don’t care) that it comes down to Hawke and Star-Lord.

I resonate with Hawke’s background on a multitude of levels: her relationship with her mother, how a stilted relationship with your siblings works when you’re almost a decade apart in age, having to build adulthood out of a whole lot of no resources and a lot of responsibility, dramatic life upheaval, and of course, using humour to cope with a lot (sometimes too much) heavy shit.

And a lot of the reasons I connect with Peter Quill are pretty similar, if not the same: learning to live on your own with really no safety net, an absent father, loss of a parent, building a family out of having…well, again, no connections to speak of, his affinity for music (my mom had a pretty similar soundtrack, and I worked in a record store for almost a decade), born in generally the same era, and you know. An obsession with tacky leather jackets. And Peter, too, has this “cope with humour” sort of sardonic wit integrated into his never-ending barrage of referential humour.

But do I wear it with Peter on Saturday? #instagram #guardiansofthegalaxy

But do I wear it with Peter on Saturday? #instagram #guardiansofthegalaxy


*apollo pulls lyre out of nowhere* anyway, here’s wonderwall

infectedscrew said: It is uncomfortable how much you look like you’re from the 70’s right now.

Uh, I think you mean righteous?

also i just lost like three followers for those asks, lmao.

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