Cosplay Progress; Dragon Age 2 Elf Noses, a Tutorial!

This is going to double as a tutorial, since this was all mindless experimentation for me, and I hope it works okay for someone else. If you have better methods, I’d love to hear them.

This is the product of walking into Display & Costume in Seattle, buying a few things recommended on the in-store Broken Noses makeup tutorial, and spending about a half hour in front of the mirror. So obviously, it’s really new.

Anyway, I’m a sucker for the elf design in DA2 (or at least elements of it), since they look a little different than just humans with peaked ears. My favorite part has always been the flat nose bridges, and I wanted to see if I was able to emulate it. I’m fairly happy with the end result, minus one glaring error, which I’ll get to in the steps here in a second, and costume-wise, I think it’ll work perfectly with a little practice.


  • Nose & Scar Wax (or any similar type of costume wax)
  • Spirit Gum
  • Liquid latex (I used clear, I have no idea what “flesh toned” stuff will look like, especially if it doesn’t match your skin tone. Latex, annoyingly, like a lot of other costume makeup, only comes in the one default “flesh” tone which is bullshit if you’re not white. The wax will do this too, just as a warning.)
  • Blush in whatever shade of pink/red looks best
  • Liquid or powder foundation
  • Aaaand whatever other makeup you want, w/e, you go friends.

FIRST, you want to make sure your skin is clean, not super oily, and I know this should be a DUH, but it isn’t always. Even if you think your skin is super clear, it gives you a better surface to work with.

SECOND, you want to give the concave part of your nose bridge a thin coat of spirit gum (a little goes a long way). Don’t coat your whole nose with it, even if the wax needs to cover a bigger surface. The wax is already tacky, but the bulk of it is going to it on this part of your nose, and it gives it a little firmer hold. Wait for a minute or two while the gum gets sticky/isn’t just liquid anymore (I made this mistake, it’s not irreversible, just really awkward).

THIRD, you want to roll up a ball of wax (less than you’d actually think covers the area, it’s deceptive in how much space it covers), and press it into the spirit gum covered area and start molding. Add wax little by little as needed. It spreads really easily, and should blend into the areas where it needs to be taper off easily. Keep smoothing it until you don’t have any bumpy areas left.

(THIS WILL BE EASIER DONE WITH A MAKEUP APPLICATOR. I used my fingers and holy cow it gets everywhere. )

FOURTH, once you’re happy with the nose shape (you may have something a lot straighter than mine, depending on your nose/forehead shape), cover the nose in a fair amount of blush to give it a proper pink/red tint. Then, coat the wax in the liquid latex, filling in any cracks in the blending, etc. Take a fiver and let it dry.

FIFTH, once the latex is dry, you’re ready for the foundation. Now, this is where I fucked up, so my intial pictures aren’t super indicative of how it’ll turn out, but with the added step of blush underneath the latex sealant, it worked out just fine. Apply foundation as normal, and little heavy around the nose, and it sound cover up most everything/ your nose should at this point match the skintone you need it do. (And again, I don’t have experience with darker skintones, and I have no idea if there are wax/latex materials made for this purpose.)

SIXTH, to clean up, gently peel latex until it and the bulk of the wax comes off. Rub the rest of the area clear with spirit gum remover, and VOILA!

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  5. kareaux said: Thanks for the tutorial! I was wondering if I could alter the shape of my nose realistically. (someday… someday… i’ll do Merrill. Maybe. I still dream of it.) I’ve used wax before and it’s a pain though!
  6. enferdame said: Quick tip, add a little cream red or pink as a base (then powder the fuck out of it) on the latex before you do your foundation, as it will help blend in with your skin better (mimics the pink tones from blood vessels).
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